1100ITE Bunded Harlequin Tank

1100ITE, 1,100 Litre Bunded slimline Oil Tank, Harlequin, Oil Storage Tank, Plastic, Domestic

Tanks UK   BLOG/post   22.3.2019

Slimline double-walled 1100-litre 240-gallon fuel tank

On offer @ £929   L1880 W890 H1595mm   132kg Click Here!

Offer includes free delivery, gauge and fittings complete with installation instructions.

This is truly the easy-to-use tank to go for if you’re stuck for space.  A tank but more than a tank because you’ll love the free accessories kit with full installation instructions.  Enjoy the peace of mind that your fuel isn’t just stored – it’s being monitored and kept safe and the tank itself carries a 10-year warranty.