1650L Plastic Bunded Oil Twin Tank installation

Bunded Heating Oil Tank installation, 1650L Diamond Tank

Case Study: 1650L Diamond Plastic Bunded Oil Tanks installation, Northumberland

Project Brief: Tanks-UK were commissioned to replace two steel heating oil tanks with the 1650 litre capacity plastic tanks from the Harlequin Diamond range. These were domestic tanks for neighbours who clubbed together on the project, therefore making great savings on install costs!

Main Project Requirements:

  • Drain oil from existing tanks to auxiliary tanks
  • Remove and dispose of existing tanks
  • Build up bases for replacement tanks
  • Install replacement plastic bunded storage tanks
  • Transfer oil to newly installed tanks

Product Used: Diamond 1650L Bunded Horizontal Oil Tank

Harlequin, Diamond Tanks
Oil Tank replacement project, 1650L Bunded Oil Tank Installation
Harlequin 1650L Diamond Bunded Oil Tank install

Project Outcome: Whilst the project was a little more complex than most domestic installations, as it involved removing and replacing two separate oil tanks, we managed to successfully complete within a working day. The project ran smoothly and both clients were very pleased with the outcome.

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