Bowsers, ADR Tanks & Portable Fuel Tanks

There are a lot of situations where refuelling of vehicles and equipment can’t be done from a static tank. Wherever petrol or diesel powered equipment has to be away from the main base, for instance on larger farms, construction sites, landscaping and local authority maintenance support – some portable means of fuel dispensing is needed.

Transport Depots may also need to be able to bring the refuelling tank to the vehicle, rather than the other way round.

What about refuelling boats and light planes? – you can hardly take them to the local petrol station. This is another requirement where a portable fuel dispenser is a useful solution.


These are described in more detail in our earlier blog post https://www.tanks-uk.com/bowsers-what-are-they-used-for/

Diesel bowsers are probably the most common, and are available for site tow (e.g. construction sites, farms, quarries) or to full highway tow specification.

Petrol bowsers are also available. These have to meet higher standards because of the volatile and potentially explosive nature of petrol. Tanks-UK supply bowsers which are fully ADR, UN and ATEX approved.

Bowsers for aircraft refuelling are another variant – AvGas / kerosene, again fully approved to the relevant standards.

Tanks-UK also offer bowsers on long or short-term hire.

Cube Tanks

Portable ‘cube tanks’ in a size suitable for carrying on the back of a truck or trailer, are a good solution for portable refuelling. Tanks-UK offer a number of options.

These are available with a separate pump and nozzle unit for Kerosene/Avgas refuelling of light aircraft and helicopters. Or there are the AdBlue® and Diesel versions complete with pump, hose and nozzle, under a lockable lid.

KS-Mobile Double-Wall

Portable petrol dispensers

The KS-Mobile range are portable painted steel units, with explosion-proof construction to ADR, therefore suitable for petrol. They are supplied complete with integral pump, hose and nozzle – with a choice of pumps and nozzles.

Or maybe you need something smaller…

In one case study a car dealership were looking for a solution. They were constantly refilling petrol and diesel cans to take around their forecourts in order to fuel up vehicles for test drives.  Tanks-UK suggested the Cemo fuel trolleys which are available in 60 or 100 litre sizes. They are neat units which can be moved around manually between vehicles, or for refuelling landscaping and gardening equipment. They’re also moulded complete with recesses for strapping during transportation, for extra safety.

60L Diesel trolley

There are a whole range of these trolleys, each manufactured for a specific purpose.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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