AdBlue® dispensing – what are the options?

Did you know that AdBlue® is not a product description as such, it is actually a registered trademark of VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.) of Germany?

The substance is a mixture of urea and demineralised water, which works within a diesel catalytic convertor to reduce exhaust emissions.  Most diesel engines do require AdBlue® so obviously there’s a need for storage and dispensing on farms, transport depots and for industrial and commercial fleets.

What are the requirements for tanks?

Considering that the substance is slightly corrosive to metals, all our AdBlue® tanks and bowsers are plastic rather than steel.  Stainless steel is non-corrosive so the nozzles are usually a combination of plastic and stainless steel.

Stainless steel tanks are available, but they are not often selected as an option for AdBlue® due to the higher costs.

What types of storage and dispensing are available?

Tanks-UK offer a range of options, so we will look at these separately, starting with the smallest.

Portable tanks

These are a good solution for customers who need to be able to transport diesel and refuel off site. Where this is required, there’s a fair chance you will need AdBlue® as well.

DT-Mobile Easy COMBI 440/50 Litre100L trolley for AdBlue

First up there is a combination ‘cube’ type tank, which is fully portable to fit on the back of a truck or trailer. This is the DT-Mobile Easy COMBI 440/50 Litre. This neat, compact unit has a 440 litre diesel tank side by side with a 50 litre AdBlue® tank, so you only have one unit to load up.

For garages and transport depots, you might want the flexibility of a manual trolley for AdBlue® dispensing right close up to the vehicle.  There are 60 litre and 100 litre versions of the 2-wheeled trolley, with options for manual or battery powered pumps.

Next up are the Mobile-Easy and Portafuel AdBlue® tanks, with capacity sizes from 125 litre up to 600 litre. These are a ‘cube’ type tank with forklift slots for easy loading onto vehicles, and the dispensing equipment mounted on top. They have optional lockable lids if required.


For a larger capacity and full portability, the best solution is probably a bowser. These are available as:

  • Site-tow, which means it can be towed within a farm, private estate, or construction site but is not road-legal for the public highway (there are some exceptions for short journeys between sites – check first).
  • Road-tow, which is fully compliant for road-use with mudguards, brakes, trailer plates and lights.

These are built to order, so please give us a call with your requirements – size, type of pump, etc.

Static dispensing tanks

These are the main type of tank for permanent installation on commercial, industrial or agricultural/horticultural premises – or for larger construction sites.

Tanks-UK offer a good range of different styles and sizes, with the narrower horizontal style suited for smaller spaces, and the circular vertical type for more open siting.  Sizes range from 1000 litre (a slimline type) up to 10,000 litre capacity.


Looking at options and add-ons what are the main items available?

Flowmeters – the recommended product if you want to monitor usage and levels, is the Piusi K24 flowmeter which is fully suitable for use with AdBlue® tanks.

Hoses – need to replace a hose? Tanks-UK supply replacement 4 metre blue hoses for AdBlue® tanks.

Nozzles – There are a few different options for AdBlue® nozzles. In the main you have a choice between manual or auto-shut off nozzles. If replacing a nozzle, please make sure it is compatible with AdBlue® as the standard diesel nozzles are not suitable.

Spill kits – Considering the potential for corrosion, it is advisable to have a spill kit handy where you have an AdBlue® dispenser.  Tanks-UK can supply you with a spill kit specifically for AdBlue® as it is not an oil-based product.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.