Agricultural Storage Tank for Red Diesel

The Challenge

A local farmer had been using an old single-skinned steel tank, located in a homemade bund and supported by a rudimentary stand, for gravity-feeding red diesel to his grain store driers and agricultural vehicles.

But as the bund was open-topped, it was prone to collecting water and the tank had started to corrode. This would eventually lead to leakage which would have environmental, as well as financial, consequences.

The tank also featured a top fill point, which presented a hazard to delivery drivers while refilling the tank.


The Solution

Rather than simply replacing the ageing tank with one of a similar design, the farmer decided to upgrade to a self-bunding tank and a purpose-built support stand.

Tanks-UK recommended incorporating a 230V refuelling pump within a pump cabinet built into the new bespoke stand. This would improve security and make vehicle refuelling faster and easier.

We also recommended installing a low-level fuel point so fuel delivery drivers could work safely at ground level, and a separate gravity feed to supply the grain store heaters.


The Result

The farmer agreed to all the recommendations and, as a keen rail enthusiast, asked if the tank and stand could be painted in custom colours – ‘Flying Scotsman green’ for the tank and a contrasting ‘Buffer Red’ for the tank and cabinet

This was no problem, and he is now the proud owner of an efficient, durable and strikingly attractive fuel storage and supply system.


The Feedback

“The new storage and refuelling point has made work a lot easier on the farm, and will last for years to come. As for the unique colour scheme, that was the icing on the cake. A big thank-you to Tanks-UK.”

C.L., Norfolk