Are you prepared for an AdBlue spillage?

AdBlue spill kit

AdBlue spillages are an unwanted scenario, and we need to think upfront about whether we are prepared.  Although AdBlue is non-toxic, if spilt & not cleaned up immediately, it will crystallise upon drying.  Storing a kit to contain a spillage is a low cost, peace of mind, action that we all could take.  AdBlue is becoming more common, and many cars have to be filled with AdBlue from time to time.

The option to store AdBlue in large tanks on site, is becoming popular for firms that have a large commercial fleet.  For people carrier type vehicles, AdBlue will generally just be topped up during a service unless they cover high mileage in which case a top up may be needed using a plastic AdBlue container purchased at a forecourt. In the future we may see  AdBlue dispensing pumps on a forecourt.

Prevention is better than cure, but what to do if it happens:

It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that:
• What you are using is suitable for use with AdBlue
• The drains around your area would not be reached by a spillage.
• Make sure you do not leave your nozzle in the open position.
• Make sure any spill kits used are suitable with water based products (SC.ABKIT06A)
• An emergency plan is recommended, as is suitable training for dealing with AdBlue spillages.

If you do come across an AdBlue spill then act immediately. Use a spill kit to clean up any spill then rinse the area thoroughly with water to avoid any crystallisation.