Bowsers – what are they used for?

2000L Highway tow watering bowser

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What is ADR Approved Road Tow Bowser, Steel Bunded Portable Diesel Dispensing Tank, Transport Tanka bowser, and what can they be used for?

In the UK at least they are portable tanks. The name originally comes from an American inventor, Sylvanus Bowser, who is credited with the invention of the first service station petrol pump, so strictly speaking they should only be fuel tanks; but in fact water bowsers are at least as common, for various uses, as described below.

Site or Highway tow bowsers

Tanks-UK range of bowsers includes site or highway towable, trailer mounted tanks.

  • Site tow water bowsers are suitable for towing by agricultural or construction vehicles either around farms or building sites. They are not equipped for road use.
  • Highway tow bowsers are fully equipped and legal for road use. Fuel bowsers for highway towing are ADR approved. Note that you can tow a fuel bowser up to 1000 litres under UN certification, but for over 1000 litre size you will need an ADR licence for transportation.

2000L Cattle Feeder BowserWater, Fuel or Chemical bowsers

  • Water bowsers can be fitted with extras such as pressure washers, livestock drinking troughs, plant watering equipment, etc. They can be supplied for potable (drinking) water, e.g. for events or emergencies; or non-potable for all other uses.
  • Fuel bowsers can be fitted with various types of dispensing equipment, pumps, hoses, nozzles, gauges, etc. They are normally used for transportation of diesel fuel, for example for generators, but can also be used for kerosene and there are AdBlue® variants available as well.
  • Chemical bowsers are also available – we can advise on the best type of tank depending on the chemical you want to store and dispense.

Skid-mounted bowsers

AnotTransportable Fuel Tank, Portable Skid Unit Diesel, 500 Litre Bunded Transportable Fuel Tankher type from Tanks-UK is the range of skid mounted diesel or water bowsers, which are transportable on vehicles such as pick-up trucks and low loaders. These come in various sizes and configurations including our cube tanks. Most skid mounted bowsers can be loaded by hoist/crane or by forklift.

There are plastic or steel variants of all types of bowsers – just ask us for advice on the best type for your requirements.



Talk about Tungsten

Our range of Tungsten bowsers are sturdy plastic tanks mounted on trailers, available with ball hitch or towing eye. We are showcasing our 1200 litre Water Bowser at Cereals 2022.

Check out our earlier blog post on bowsers – featuring a case study where a custom solution was required.

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