Chemicals – Industrial applications

In industry there are many chemicals used, stored and dispensed – in raw materials, processes including mixing and dosing, and for finished products. Distribution companies also need tanks for bulk storage prior to delivery via tankers or repackaging into smaller containers. Chemicals, of course, covers a wide range of substances both harmless and hazardous. Mainly here we are considering potentially hazardous substances in liquid form.

What kind of tanks are best for chemical storage?

In general, plastic tanks are chemically inert and safe for most common substances including acids and alkalis. The UK manufactured Enduramaxx plastic tanks which Tanks-UK supply are available in a thicker grade suitable for industrial liquids of up to 1.5SG. Many substances however are less than 1SG therefore they can use the standard grade tanks.

Most of the plastic tanks are moulded in polyethylene, but there is an option to request them in polypropylene instead. This is a better solution for any hot or exothermically reactive substances as it has a higher heat rating than polyethylene.

If the liquids being stored are classified hazardous, or harmful to the environment, then you should use a bunded tank. The bund can be separate from the tank rather than integral and this might be the better solution for this type of substance, for safe spill control. However, the integrally bunded tanks are very good for outdoor use and they are supplied with a bund drain should it be needed.

Single skin tanks supplied in Natural colour are an advantage where you need to get an instant view of the liquid level within the tank, as they are slightly translucent. Black and natural are the standard options but our tanks can be manufactured in other colours to order.

There are some substances where GRP (glass reinforced plastic) or stainless steel may be required instead of plastic, for compatibility with the substance being stored.. We have a variety of options available so please contact us if this is something you might require.

What is SG?

Specific gravity – the way that liquid substances are measured in relation to water. 1.0SG is the base point which is pure water at 4oC.

Tanks designed to hold liquids up to 1.5SG covers the vast majority of liquids used in industry. But this isn’t the limit, and other types of tanks can be manufactured which will hold heavier liquids.

Vertical tanks

Vertical circular tanks are the most common type for industrial use, being available in a huge range of sizes from small ones of less than 1000 litres up to 10,000 litres and more. Tanks-UK supply not only the Enduramaxx range but Wydale and Tungsten Tanks brands as well.

Vertical tanks – Case study

A company specialising in sustainable remanufacture of agricultural crop waste needed a variety of tanks for their process. These vertical plastic tanks were installed complete with pipework and pumps in three different types for various processes, some situated inside the factory and some situated outside the building.

Sectional Steel Tanks

The sectional steel tanks which Tanks-UK supply are supplied with liners of different types according to the nature of the liquid to be held in them. They aren’t just for water – they can be used for other liquids as well.  Please ask us for advice as to the right type, depending on what substance you wish to store. The advantage of these tanks is the ease with which they can be transported and built on site.

Cone Tanks

Cone or conical tanks are usually supplied with a frame. The advantage of this type of tank is the ability to draw off the whole of the contents at the base via gravity feed without the need for a pump. They can also be adapted as mixing tanks.

Pumps, valves and pipework

Tanks-UK can supply the necessary pumps, valves and pipework for chemical installations. Please ask us for advice on the right types to use for your application.

Regulations which cover storage of hazardous chemicals

There are a number of UK safety regulations which may be relevant when choosing your best storage solution for any hazardous chemicals. These are:

  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. (COSHH)
  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR)
  • Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH)

The HSE also has an advice booklet on the storage of flammable liquids in tanks: HSG176 – available to download from their website.

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