Coldest UK Weather in 100 Years: How Will it Affect You?

Thermometor showing below freezing temperature

Despite recent mild weather, the met office claims that we are not going to have such a mild winter. Temperatures are expected to plummet far below freezing and we will also experience snow, fog and storms. The UK Weather Forecast (UKWF) predict that the winter weather will not ease of in February but will extend as far as march meaning that people will have to heat their houses for longer than usual. In order to do so, it is advisable to invest in an oil tank capable of holding the volumes you require, and to order your oil in as large a quantity as you can afford, so as to avoid running out during extreme weather conditions.

Coldest winter in 100 years approaches UK
Coldest winter in 100 years approaches UK (Source:


Another issue that comes alongside the freezing weather is its effects on the oil tanks themselves – temperature changes can cause the outer skin of an oil tank to expand and potentially split, causing an oil spill. An oil spill has serious environmental repercussions even in a domestic setting. Bunded oil tanks are tanks with both an inner and outer skin, the outer tank can hold 110% of the inner tank’s contents, therefore decreasing the chances of a spill. No pollution and no wasted oil and money!