Esybox Pump – What Do They Mean When They Say…

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of them.

In each of this series of weekly blog posts, we select one product from the DAB range and explain its pump’s features, with links to a glossary where you can find more commonly-used technical terms simply explained.

So far, we have discussed the features of entry-level Diver 6 pumps, the Divertron Smart pump range and the D-tron 2 and D-tron 3. Now it’s time for the…

Esybox Diver Pump & Esybox Pump

The Esybox Diver offers all the features of the D-tron 3 but also incorporates a variable speed controller, which allows the pump flow rate to be regulated.

The Esybox is identical to the Esybox Diver but is an inline pump, rather than submersible. This means that water is fed to the pump either by gravity or mains pressure from an external source; a typical application for this pump is for mounting under a sink to increase mains pressure.

The Esybox Diver and the original Esybox also feature variable frequency drive, which allows the pump flow rate to be adjusted independently of the flow pressure.