Fabricated Plastic tanks and accessories

Sometimes tanks need to be supplied as complete bespoke projects.

For instance, you may need industrial chemical tanks to fit in a specific space. Or maybe you need to fit a plastic water tank into the back of a vehicle or a boat, and none of the standard ones are suitable. Bespoke plastic fabricated tanks are also used for aquaculture (fish farming) as they are available in UV stabilised plastics ideal for outdoor environments and can be made in any size.

Working from a customer’s specifications we can supply plastic fabricated tank solutions to suit the needs.

Using various different plastic welding techniques, tanks can be made cylindrical or rectangular in aspect. Ground level, raised on stands or underground tanks. Fittings can be welded in place just wherever you need them for your particular application.

Large plastic fuel storage tank

This 45000 litre fuel storage and dispensing tank, constructed in  polypropylene, was specified in plastic due to the high corrosion risks on site.

You probably couldn’t find a better illustration of how plastic welding has developed to the point it is as versatile as steel!

Industrial cone tanks and accessories

Where chemicals are involved plastics are often more suitable than steel.  Industrial tanks sometimes need dosing cabinets or pump cabinets specially made, and these are also items we can produce to your exact specifications.

The installation pictured shows a plastic bund containing a cone settlement tank and a plastic fabricated storage tank.

Cone tanks are used for many industrial applications ranging from breweries, through water and effluent treatment to chemical dosing.  Whilst standard tanks are available in a huge range of sizes, you may need custom variations and this type of tank.  Liquid waste storage tanks are another application for bespoke conical tanks – in food processing factories for example.

Dip tanks

Chemical (e.g. acid bath) dip tanks often need to be specially fabricated and this one pictured was designed as a divided tank with a lift off lid and drain points for each section. The three compartments were for degreasing, paint stripping and wash off.

Effluent treatment – bespoke applications

Another interesting application was for sewage treatment.  It was a cess pit tank but with a fabricated plastic hopper on top. (The images show it before installation.) This was designed for emptying waste tanks from boats and caravans.


A further waste water application is a flocculant separator, and this one pictured was specially fabricated to fit the tank.

However unusual your needs and specifications, bespoke plastic fabricated tanks and accessories may well be the answer.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.