Flaming June? we hope not . . .


We sell both steel and plastic oil tanks. Tanks-UK have years of experience to help you find just what you are looking for: safe and legal tanks to store you heating oil.  For peace of mind phone 01953 889231 for advice on the best way to make your heating oil safe.  After all, we don’t want to have a flaming June of the wrong sort!



This plastic tank is very popular for the domestic market. It’s smart green means it can hide in the corner of the garden.  This is

a plastic bunded tank. Bunded means, that if the oil in the inner tank leaks, it will only go into the space between the outer and inner layer.

This enables the environment to remain safe.

These plastic tanks are stocked for a quick sale in the event of an emergency with an existing tank, and would be fitted by

a competent plumber for your peace of mind.  Therefore, while you are enjoying a flaming June of the right sort, the tank will

remain safe and quietly supply your boiler with oil.




1350L Bunded Tank,
1350 Litre Bunded oil tank


For those who prefer a steel tank, we have our own range of good quality single skin and bunded oil tanks.

These tanks are also green, as this is the default colour for oil tanks, and will “hide” in the garden or down the side of your building.

These tanks are made in the UK and are robust good quality steel tanks, and designed to give years of use.