Focus on GRP tanks and custom solutions

SPEL GRP Underground tank

Glass reinforced plastic tanks

Glass reinforced plastic, commonly known as GRP, is just that – an immensely durable material in which glass fibres are permanently bonded into a plastic resin substrate to strengthen the plastic. These tanks are suitable for anything from chemical storage to potable (drinking) water. The added bonus is that they can be manufactured in custom sizes, or with special adaptations to suit a customer’s needs.

Sectional GRP tanks

GRP is often used for sectional tanks. Some uses of these are for potable water storage, fire sprinkler system tanks, or even fish farms. The benefits of these tanks are:

  • They are modular to build up to the size the customer requires.
  • WRAS approved for potable water.
  • Suited to ground level installation in most environments.
  • If damage occurs (for instance a vehicle strike) then they can be repaired by section, saving the cost of replacing the whole tank.
  • Insulation can be built in to the panels for water quality.

The tanks can be supplied with Float Valve chambers as top boxes. These facilitate compliance with Category 5 Fluid Regulations and AB air gaps.

The same technology can be used in many other applications as GRP mouldings can be adapted in a variety of ways. One such use of GRP is for the turrets of underground tanks, or indeed for the tanks themselves.

Underground tanks – custom solutions

This is one case study where we found a custom solution for a customer.

The problem – The customer needed a large underground effluent tank, with access points, to be installed sloping downwards to create a sump for submersible pumps. The ground was also undulating in the area the tank was to be installed. This meant the turrets for the access hatches would have to be at different levels and angled to the tank, in order to be flat with the ground.

The solution – a 34000 litre polyethylene tank with three GRP turrets, specially fabricated to fit onto the downward sloping installation.

34000 litre underground tank with custom turrets

There is a big range of standard sizes to choose from in GRP tanks, being suited to so many situations where steel or plastic would not be ideal.

This case study just shows how custom solutions can work for what would otherwise be complex problems.


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