Fuel theft: How to protect yourself

Fuel Theft UK, Police Car

Despite plummeting fuel prices in the UK, fuel theft remains a prevalent issue in the UK.

In Cornwall, one man has reported that his boat has been emptied of fuel twice within a seven week period when docked in a private harbour. The theft victim said that although the first incident was an inconvenience, the second theft actually endangered the lives of the man and his wife when they ran out of fuel on the water.

After the engine cut off, the couple ended up drifting towards rocks with no way of preventing a crash. Luckily, they were towed to safety in time, but this illustrates the dangers that fuel theft poses. Also, in Ribchester thieves broke into a factory and stole a large quantity of diesel from machinery after breaking open the fuel caps, causing significant financial loss and damage to equipment.

These fuel thefts are examples of a wider problem that is set to increase coming into the winter months, when heating oil tends to become the focus of fuel thieves. In order to decrease the risk of falling victim to such theft, it is advisable to invest in an oil gauge that will allow you to monitor your supply on a daily basis – a large decrease over a small period will signify a theft. Many fuel monitors now have low level warning alarms in-built.

Alternatively, a tank lock for heating oil tanks makes it difficult for thieves to access your supply and can act as a visial deterrent also.

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