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snow, footprints in snow

Have you made sure that you are prepared for the snow & ice over the coming days?

MET Office has issued an ICE warning for today and tomorrow.

This means that there is likely to be an increased risk of slips and falls on the icy surfaces. Make sure that you are prepared for maintaining safety and reducing hazards by using one of our durable grit bins or salt bins.

SB3, Salt Bin, Grit Bin, Harlequin Offers, in stock, 700kg capacity
SB3 – Harlequin Salt/Grit Bin

Harlequin salt bunkers and grit bins are very durable in all weather, and have been tested in extreme operational conditions.

Supplied in a high visibility finish, these bunkers are the first choice in both public and private salt storage. They are easily stackable when empty, which saves you valuable storage and transport space.

The smallest grit bin or salt bin holds 150kg, and the largest can accommodate capacity of 700kg.

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