Harlequin HeatStream

Harlequin, HeatStream, Hot Water System

HeatStream hot water systems are on offer in September.  Have a look at our offer page to see what you can save.  Prices on the new Harlequin HeatStream are good at the moment, this is a good buy just now, taking into account that regulations have upgraded when fitting hot water systems, and the HeatStream bypasses these.

The new Harlequin HeatStream is a new range of hot water systems which are easily fitted.  Are you finding that fitting boilers etc, have more and more regulations to comply with.  These have no GP regulations.

Harlequin Heatstream, All HeatStream Range at an angle,This is the family of HeatStream Hot water systems.  The sizes range from 150 litres, 200 litres and 250 litres offering: direct, indirect and twin systems.

Have a look at our offers page to fine the size that is suitable for you.