Heating Oil Price Still Falling

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Oil prices are continuing to drop and it doesn’t look like there will be any massize change in the trend for a while yet says OFTEC report.

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Not sure about the facts?  Gen up on the report below:

“According to the latest quarterly data from the Sutherland Tables, a recognised independent source of comparative UK domestic heating prices, oil remains by far the cheapest of all major home heating fuels, with average annual costs in Great Britain falling 10% in the last quarter to just £840.
By comparison, the average annual heating cost for the same three bedroom home with electric storage heaters rose by 9% to £1910 – 127% more expensive than heating oil – with further electricity price rises on the horizon this September for many households.

Oil is also currently 13% cheaper than mains gas (£967 per annum), 44% less expensive than LPG (£1524 per annum), 34% cheaper than biomass (£1283 per annum) and 50% less expensive than air source heat pumps using radiators (£1681).”

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