In need of a smaller water tank? NOW is the time!

I think we are all aware of the problems faced this last year, with issues such as raw material instability, imports from abroad  taking an increased amount of time, a surge in orders which has increased lead times from some of our suppliers dramatically and of course the recent difficulty in sourcing fuel to run delivery vehicles!

This has led to suppliers having to increase the costs of the tanks to cover this, which although not favourable, is very understandable, as well as delivery charges increasing slightly.

One of our suppliers, who provide us with a range of smaller water tanks is the latest to have to pass on the costs.

We have until 31st of October before the costs increase, so as the title suggests – if you are needing a water tank, now is the time!


Wydale wheel arch tank

The wheel arch tank range has been incredibly popular so far this year and it’s easy to see why! With travel abroad being somewhat more difficult, a lot of people have been building camper-conversions to enjoy a staycation at home.

This tank range comes in a choice of black (best for drinking water) and natural, an opaque white colour (best for showering or using for washing up water) and comes with a range of optional fittings to make installation a breeze.

Find the range by using the below link:

Other tanks from this supplier include a whole range of tanks suitable for transporting water. They have been increasingly popular this year with window cleaners, car valet businesses and a whole load of other cleaning businesses.

Upright slimline tank

You can find the full range using the below link:


Water is not the only liquid that these tanks can be used to store or transport. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding the use of these tanks.

Custom outlet sizes or positioning is also available at a small fee, again, please contact us to discuss a custom tank.