Large Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Large capacity plastic fuel dispensers – ideal for agricultural or logistics depot requirements.

Whether on the farm or in a transport depot, you need to be able to have a safe, secure and easy to use means of refuelling vehicles.

Obviously this calls for large capacity storage when you have a number of large vehicles to refuel. In the current climate of ever-rising fuel prices, buying larger amounts of diesel will obviously help in getting best prices.

Diesel dispensing tanks must comply with various regulations including fuel storage and control of pollution. All of Tanks-UK’s dispensing tanks meet the relevant regulations in full, but you still need to ensure tanks are installed according to the regulatory guidance, such as protecting from impact damage and prevention of pollution by spillage. Spill kits are highly recommended as an extra in any case if you are installing a diesel dispensing tank.

Tanks-UK has a good range of larger capacity dispensing tanks, in different configurations to suit your site and requirements.  If any organisation is looking at diesel alternatives, a lot of these tanks are also HVO compatible, although they may need a change of filter type. Just ask us for advice if you are considering this option.

All of our plastic dispensing tanks are built to last – the lifetime is in excess of 20 years, as required for agricultural storage.  The fuel dispensers come with pump, nozzle and hose as standard even on the most basic variants. They are obviously also all integrally bunded, as a bund to contain 110% of the contents is a legal requirement for this type of tank.

For security, the cabinets which contain the pump, hose and nozzle are all lockable to prevent theft. Pumps can be upgraded to faster options on many of these tanks, to facilitate a quick turnaround when refuelling large vehicles. An added option for fleet management is a fuel management system, which can be tailored to your needs and monitors usage by vehicle, by driver, or both.

Here are a few of the options, from 8000 litres capacity, to the 3.5m high 15000 litre size:  (Other sizes and variants available)

8050L Dispensing Tank

8050 litre Tungsten Plastic Diesel Dispenser

This tank has Standard and Premium options, which equate to the basic Fuel Point and the more ‘bells and whistles’ Fuel Dispenser. Even the Standard model has a high specification compared with some of its rivals, including a bulkhead cabinet light.


We explained the difference between Fuel Points and Fuel Stations in an earlier blog post which you can read here.

9250 litre Harlequin Fuel Point and Fuel Stations9250 Litre Bunded Fuel Station, Harlequin Fuel Station, 10000FS

A sturdily built, neat design of tank, this Harlequin dispensing tank (9250FP) is available as a lower cost Fuel Point which is fine if you don’t need a level gauge, flow meter or particulate filter. Of course, any of these can be added on at time of ordering.  For those who prefer a higher specification the 9250FS Fuel Station includes a free upgrade to the HAD fuel management system as well.

10000L Plastic Diesel Dispenser

10000 litre Atlantis Plastic Diesel Dispenser

In grey with a bright orange cabinet door, this fuel dispenser by Atlantis is a full specification fuel station, being fitted out with contents gauge, flow meter, water/particulate filter, bund and overfill alarm, etc. It has a fast 80L/min electric pump as standard.


15000L plastic diesel dispensing

15000 litre Tuffa Plastic Diesel Dispenser

Another full specification fuel station if you need a larger capacity, this 15000 litre model by Tuffa has all you would expect with flowmeter, gauge and alarm as standard. Faster pumps are an option on this, as is a fuel management system. For even greater capacity two tanks can be interlinked to take this up to 30000 litres.

If you are looking for something extra strong and secure, then ask about our new Tungsten Plastic in Steel range. Look out for more information on steel tanks next week.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.