Large Steel Dispensing Tanks

Large steel fuel dispensing tanks from Tungsten Tanks.

There are plenty of situations when only a steel tank will do. Steel tanks are better suited to the larger capacities required where there is a fleet of vehicles to be refuelled. Another advantage of choosing steel tanks is that they can be manufactured in bespoke sizes and dimensions to fit any particular area. They can also be painted in any RAL colour of your choice if the standard range colours are not suitable.

Some examples where large steel dispensing tanks are used include:

  • Quarries
  • Ports
  • Bus and coach operators
  • Agricultural contractors
  • Defence establishments
  • Construction and Demolition companies

The Tungsten range dispensing tanks are all integrally bunded, constructed in durable steel plate and externally painted for full weather resistance. The bund is an extra area around the fuel tank, designed to meet regulations which require it to cope with 110% of the tank’s capacity. Effectively, it is a ‘tank within a tank’.

Standard sizes go right up to 60,000 litres and larger sizes than this can be produced to order.

Diesel dispensing tanks need to comply with various regulations including fuel storage and control of pollution. All of Tanks-UK’s dispensing tanks meet the relevant regulations in full, but you still need to ensure tanks are installed according to the regulatory guidance, such as protecting from impact damage and prevention of pollution by spillage. Spill kits are highly recommended as an extra in any case if you are installing a diesel dispensing tank.

The larger size tanks normally come as standard with lockable roller shutter doors to protect the sump cabinet, which contains the pump, hose and nozzle. However, depending on your requirements, you may prefer hinged doors, which is no problem to provide as a substitute.

Fuel management systems are highly recommended, to help you track usage in fleet refuelling operations. These can be software or cloud based and as simple or as complex as needed for your fuel usage monitoring.

If you are looking for something extra strong and secure, then ask about our new Tungsten Plastic in Steel range. This range is being expanded to include larger size dispensing tanks, but you can see the details of the design here.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.