Meet The New Family!

Harlequin have recently launched the second-generation family of their HeatStream mains-pressure hot water tanks with improved looks, two popular sizes and the option of heating water through any conventional heating source such as a gas or oil boiler supplemented with an electric immersion heater for off-peak economy, or with an immersion heater alone.

HeatStream is the result of collaboration between industry-leading experts in rotational-moulded plastic tanks and pressurised hot water systems. Superior to any other hot water system currently on the market, it produces mains-pressure hot water without the drawbacks of traditional systems such as vented/unvented storage cylinders and thermal stores.

Mains-pressure water is fed through a stainless steel coil immersed in a tank of heat transfer fluid, and as the coil is corrugated to maximise heat transfer through increased surface area, the water is quickly raised to the required temperature.

The Harlequin HeatStream unit’s square footprint provides greater hot water storage potential within a smaller area – especially convenient where space is at a premium – , and all models in the range are able to be taken through a standard-width doorway. An optional internal overflow system provides peace of mind where an external drain isn’t possible.

HeatStream Electric systems are suitable for smaller properties and apartments. An immersion heater uses off-peak electricity to raise the temperature of heat transfer fluid sealed within a tank. The Electric PLUS range is approved for larger properties as its main source of heat comes from other heating systems such as solid fuel, gas and oil.