Monitoring your fuel and heating oil tanks

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Don’t run out of oil!

One of the worst things in cold weather is to find your heating oil has run out unexpectedly. Not only does it leave you without heating until you can get a delivery, but the tank sludge may enter the fuel lines and can cause damage to your heating system. This will need cleaning out by an OFTEC registered engineer.

This is why it’s important to regularly check your oil levels, and there are various ways to do this.

Check your tank levels

The most basic system is a dipstick – which is a similar concept to those used to check oil levels in cars, for instance.

Oil Tank Clock Gauge
Oil Tank Clock Gauge

Then there is the float gauge, which, as the name implies, works by means of a float on the surface of the oil. The level of oil is shown on an external gauge with a moving hand like a clock face, which is why they are known as clock gauges. This is useful indicator for a very low price, but is not highly accurate.

Apollo Smart Tankpack, ITB-PK, Apollo Smart oil tank contents gaugeThe Apollo Visual Gauge is a very cost-effective solution. A tank-mounted transmitter unit ultrasonically monitors the fill level and displays this on a weatherproof LCD display. In addition it comes with a visual receiver unit which simply plugs into a normal domestic electrical socket so you can keep a check on your oil levels from inside your home or business premises. The Apollo Standard is similar but without the tank mounted gauge.

There is a ‘smart’ version – the Apollo Smart Gauge which does all this and more. It also displays your heating costs, fuel usage and emissions, plus it has a fuel theft alarm.

Tank probes are another type, and these often have a low-level alarm, which will alert you if the oil level is getting low. They work by an electronic pressure sensor and are suspended inside the tank, 50mm from the bottom.

The type of level check you need will also be constrained by the type and shape of the tank, so please contact us for advice before placing an order.

Fuel Finding Paste

This is a helpful product if you are using a basic dipstick to check fuel / oil levels. It is a pale pink (non-hazardous) paste which can be applied to the dipstick. Then when the dipstick is inserted into the tank it will change to red where it is in contact with fuel (diesel, petrol or kerosene), so you can easily see what your fuel level is.

Advanced Tank Monitoring

For an even more accurate system – typically used in commercial applications – there is a range of digital pre-programmed hydrostatic gauges. These vary in the level of information from tank level as a percentage, to quantity in Litres/Gallons to advanced units which have built in level alarms and bund probes.. Some of these units have the capability of being integrated into a BMS, (Building Monitoring System), or even certain brands of fuel management devices, some of which offer their own gauge system as a plug-in.

The higher level systems can be monitored remotely from anywhere, as they are often web-based.

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