Oil price lowest in 8 months!

Nato, Tank

The new 8 month low in oil prices can be directly attributed to unrest in the Middle East and Political upheaval both on home soil and in the USA.

Whilst these factors create market inactivity, they also make it a windfall for the consumer!  In plain terms, now is the time to buy!  If your tank is on it’s last legs why not replace it with a larger capacity unit and optimise your savings at the same time?

The extra cost of a larger tank will be more than paid back by savings both with the current low prices and you will be able to take advantage of bulk delivery deals.

An ideal candidate for large deliveries is the 2000ITE currently on offer at only £1075.00 + VAT Delivered!

2000 Litre ITE Bunded Oil Tank (Harlequin)