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Tanks-UK Ltd offer a range of innovative solutions for fuel dispensing systems. Some of the products readily available include:


Manufactured in the UK, the Alpha units are complete fuel pumps, which can be used with underground or above ground storage tanks.

Why would you use these in preference to a fuel dispenser?

There are a number of reasons:

  • If you have an underground fuel tank you would obviously need a separate dispensing pump.
  • For an installation where the tank is located inside (e.g. in a barn) and the dispensing area is outside, it might not be viable to use a dispensing tank.
  • For speedy refuelling, keeping the dispensing pumps (Petrol, Diesel, AdBlue®) all together in a refuelling area – e.g. for a transport depot.
  • In certain areas, it might not be possible to install tanks in a location where they can be easily accessed by all vehicles.
  • In areas where you are required to have ATEX certified dispensing equipment due to risk of explosion – i.e. where it has been identified as an Explosive Zone under DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations). This would almost certainly apply to petrol tanks, but depending on circumstances, may also be diesel dispensing. Tanks-UK have ATEX certified ALPHA diesel pumps.
  • For better fuel management. The pumps have an analogue display for the number of litres dispensed, but there is one type with an integral fuel management system.

Tanks-UK can also supply the pipework and fittings for installing these units along with the tanks, or for retro fitting to existing tanks.

Hand Pump Kits

  • The Lever Hand Pump – designed for oil, diesel or biodiesel in drums, it has a telescopic suction tube and, as the name implies, it works via a lever and suction, dispensing into fuel cans by way of a spout. A basic product, simple and straightforward, to solve the problem of transferring liquids from a drum to a smaller portable container. It would be a good product for dispensing small quantities of oil, at a trade counter, for instance.
  •™ Rotary Hand Pump – suitable for use with diesel, biodiesel, petrol or oil, this is a heavier-duty type of pump with a rotary handle to operate the suction pump. This is also ATEX certified, hence it can be used for petrol dispensing. Ideal for landscaping or grounds maintenance where there’s a need to fill up fuel cans for portable garden machinery such as strimmers, mowers, brush-cutters or leaf blowers.

AdBlue® Dispensing equipment

Often AdBlue® is purchased in drums or IBC’s. To use these for refuelling vehicle tanks, you will need some form of dispensing equipment.

For drums, there is a useful new product which works off a 12V battery – the 12V Battery Drum Mount Kit for AdBlue® (AB.12BKITA). It’s supplied as a complete kit with 2 metre battery cables fitted with crocodile clips, a 6 metre delivery hose, automatic nozzle and a 950mm suction pipe. This would be a good solution for areas on farms remote from a mains electrical supply.

Then for IBC’s, there’s a mains powered IBC-mounting electric pump (AB.PKIA) with either manual or automatic nozzle, to make dispensing from an IBC so much easier. This is also supplied as a complete kit with a bracket which mounts to the side of the IBC, a 6m delivery hose, 1.5m suction hose and 1.8m mains cable. It has a self-priming diaphragm pump, bypass valve, and even a built-in nozzle hanger. There is also a 12v or 24v battery version of this kit available (AB.12IK_PG).

Lubrication dispensing equipment

Where lubricating oil is needed, we have the answer to dispensing from drums or small tanks up to 1.5m deep. The VISCO-KIT runs off 110 volt or 240 volt supply (options) to dispense via a 4m hose and manual nozzle.

Or for industrial applications, where there is a compressed air system available, the Hytek air operated diaphragm pumps are ideal and different versions can be used to pump waste oil, AdBlue® or anti-freeze, as well as lubricating oil or diesel.


Electronic Gauges

What about keeping track of the contents of your tank?  The O.L.E gauges give a very accurate monitoring of the level in the tank with a backlit electronic display, so you can see at a glance the level of contents. The gauge shows a continuous readout in litres and percentage of tank contents. This tank gauge kit works with Diesel, biodiesel B100, AdBlue® and antifreeze tanks. It can also be connected to a Building Management System if required. Optional extras include a high/low level alarm, a water bottom sensor and a bund probe.

The TGE.C2020 (pictured) works with either 230volt or 110volt supply.


Not all of the products featured are actually shown on our website, so give us a call for more details. We can send you full specification sheets if you need them.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.