Providing solutions quickly from our Tungsten Tanks stocked range

The Tungsten Tanks brand initially specialised in steel tanks, but has expanded more recently to cover plastic tanks, bowsers of all types and the innovative Plastic in Steel high-security tanks. Here we describe some more of the products we have in stock.

Pressure Washer Bowsers

The Tungsten Pressure washer bowsers are water bowsers fitted with a high pressure pump, hose and lance for pressure washing. This is a very convenient system which can be towed close to where it is needed without a lot of manual handling. Ideal for cleaning down yards in industrial premises as well as in agricultural applications – livestock areas such as cowsheds, for instance.

Of course our water bowsers have a multitude of other uses, and various pumps and accessories can be fitted, another variant being watering bowsers.

Watering or Dust Suppression Bowsers

Maybe not top of the list for the current season, but if you are thinking of what may be needed for next year, it is well worth looking at the Tungsten watering bowsers. This type of fitting on a water bowser is adaptable as it can be used by nurseries, garden centres, tree nurseries, etc., for plant watering – or it can be used with the sprinkler attachment for dust suppression in dry weather, for example, on construction sites, events arenas or private estates.

Single skin steel tanks

Most of the oil tanks we supply are integrally bunded (double skinned, in effect).

But there are areas where you can legally use a single skinned oil tank, which is obviously cheaper to purchase.

Domestic properties do not necessarily require a bunded tank if it is less than 3500 litres capacity (in England) and the tank is sited at least 1.8 metres away from any non-fire rated building or opening, and more than 750mm from a boundary – or within 30 minute fire walls. It must also be away from any risk of polluting groundwater sources should it leak. An OFTEC installer can do a risk assessment on this to ensure it meets Building Regulations. Here’s a link to the Government guidance pages on domestic oil storage:

Single skin tanks can usually be installed within an existing external bund, as long as it holds 110% of the capacity of the tank.

We have a variety of steel single skinned tanks in stock for quick delivery – ideal if you need an urgent replacement before winter.

Large Fuel Dispensers

With diesel prices still volatile, where there is a fleet of vehicles involved, it pays to have your own dispensing tank. Tanks-UK have the 8050 litre fuel dispenser in stock, which is a good size for farms, transport depots, commercial fleet use, etc. This tank as standard is supplied with filter, pump, hose and nozzle, plus it has a cabinet light which is useful when refuelling in low light conditions. The Premium version also includes a flowmeter and an Apollo Gauge for more accurate dispensing and contents monitoring.

Tungsten Plastic in Steel Dispensing Tanks

Protect your valuable fuel from theft. Whilst all our dispensing tanks come with lockable cabinets, this one is even more durable and secure. The 1250 litre capacity tank consists of a steel outer (bund) tank, and a plastic inner tank.

The outer steel bund therefore provides security and a robust containment material, whilst the plastic inner tank provides corrosion-resistant, durable fuel storage. It comes complete with a 12/24v battery operated pump – or a hand pump as an alternative -10 micron particulate filter, hose and nozzle (manual as standard, automatic as an option). This means it can be used where there is no mains electricity supply nearby.

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