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Global brand – Stocked in the UK

As a global brand with 5 manufacturing plants around the world, DAB pumps are well known, well made and a trusted brand. Tanks-UK Ltd are distributors for DAB pumps and we do stock some of the most frequently ordered pumps.

But with their large UK stockholding, we can also offer you quick service on most DAB products from order to delivery, direct or via our delivery service.

Control panels

Not just pumps. Sometimes you may need a pumping system with a central controller for more than one pump. Here’s where DAB’s E-BOX control panels come in. The Basic version offers ‘protection and automatic operation of one or two electronic submersible pumps or single-phase pressurisation for domestic applications.’ [Source DAB website] The Plus version is similar but is more designed for industrial applications, and available to work with 3-phase supply as well as single phase 230 volts.


What is e.sybox? This is a unique integrated electronic system for pressurisation of water systems. With an ergonomic design, easy to fit and easy to use, it also has ‘green’ credentials. Because the system has an electronically controlled invertor, it only draws the energy immediately needed for the application, thus avoiding waste. The whole system, including the expansion tank, sits inside its own smart, compact box and is suitable for domestic or small commercial applications.

Twin Pump Sets – introducing E.SYTWIN

For more demanding situations, there is an option to connect two e.sybox units for a larger flow of water (e.g. larger buildings, more users) or for a stand-by pump in critical areas. They even have wireless technology enabling several sets to communicate. In DAB’s words: ‘The E.SYBOX’s can communicate with each other without a cable, by means of wireless communications of up to 4 E.SYBOX’s that can talk to each other to allow for easy set-up and duty rotation.’ [Source: https://uk.dabpumps.com/esytwin ]


Another of the ESYBOX family is the Esybox Diver, which is a submersible pump with electronic control. This is intended to be used for pumping clean water within wells, cisterns or tanks.

For ease of maintenance and fault identification, it connects with the D-Connect app which was devised by DAB for installation and maintenance engineers, who can then advise their customers quickly without necessarily requiring a site visit.

In-line pumps

What are in-line pumps? The short answer is that they are pumps within the line of pipework and can be installed in the same way as valves. DAB have several different types, and they are generally used as circulation pumps within a hot or cold water system. They can also be used as booster pumps to increase the water pressure at the outlet.

E.SYBOX Mini 3

The E.sybox Mini 3 is specially designed as a compact, economical booster pump for domestic and small commercial applications. There are horizontal or vertical versions of this neat booster pump. They’re not in-line pumps but they are very easy to fit.


Of course, there are a whole range of spare parts available to keep your DAB pumps and systems working. This would also include the fittings needed for installation if the application is a non-standard one. Obviously the pumps come with standard fittings but there are many applications when these might have to be supplemented or substituted.


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