Are we in for a dry summer?

Technically, summer only begins in June, but forecasters are looking at the weather being warm and dry. With a dryish spring, we should take advantage and harvest any rain that we do have. There is a suggestion that the rest of the summer may be a hot one.

Cereal Crop
Cereal Crop

England and Wales have an average precipitation range of 40-52mm in April. This year we had an April total of 46.4mm – did we make the most of the rain by collecting it. Invest in rain water harvesting, once you have the set up, this water is FREE. Not to mention the best water for cereal crop/agriculture irrigation etc. The soft water collected is ideal for mixing fertilisers etc.

The picture above shows an 8,500 litre tank collecting rainwater from a 450 square roof filter. Ideal for collecting rainwater from a barn.

Fit a rainwater harvesting system before you wish you had!