Farm Flooding Safeguards Planned For Oxford By Environment Agency

Environment Agency, Environment Agency logo

2014 brought disastrous farm flooding within the Oxfordshire area, which cut off farms and major roads for several days.

At present, there are over 1800 homes within the area, which the Environment Agency class as ‘high risk’. As such, it has proposed a new flood prevention scheme to protect and safeguard farms and properties within the area.

A flood relief channel is planned for high rish areas within Oxfordshire, along with additional protective and preventative measures such as introducing pumps and floodwalls. If the proposals are approved by DEFRA and HM Treasury, the 4 mile channel would carry water to the west of Oxford during severe floods. The scheme could be up and running by as early as 2018.

Farmers have been urged to introduce suitable rainwater harvesting measures in light of last year’s floods, not least because it is an efficient way to make optimal use of what is a valuable and free resource at a time when mains water charges and river abstraction limitations are being highlighted.

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