Replacement of Domestic Fuel Oil Tank

The Challenge

The customers’ Titan 2,500 litre single-skinned fuel oil tank had cracked and was letting in water, so they were looking for a replacement, and they also wanted a bunded tank as further protection against damage and leaks.

A decorative brick wall had been built around the existing tank to act both as a screen to shield it from view and as a firewall, so the replacement tank would need to fit within the same footprint without reducing storage capacity.

Access was another problem. Since the tank had been installed, alterations made to the adjacent garage had reduced access to the width of a pedestrian gate.

To gain wider access, the replacement tank would have to be transported across a field, through a copse and over a wire fence.


The Solution

When we evaluated the situation, we calculated that a Harlequin 2500 ITE horizontal oil tank would fit within the available space.

Given the narrow access, we decided the safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to lift the tank into position would be to hire a truck-mounted crane and lift the tank over the garage from the drive.

Although the empty tank weighs less than 250 kg and the distance from the drive to the tank location was 20 feet, the height and pitch of the garage roof required the reach of a 60-tonne HIAB, and this would dwarf the customer’s cul-de-sac location.

The neighbours were thankfully very accommodating and we were able to quickly remove the old tank and crane the replacement into place without undue disturbance of their tranquillity.

We also supplied a new oil filter system and an Apollo electronic oil level gauge.


The Results

The excellent build quality of their Harlequin tank, augmented by the added protection of its integral bund, means that leaks are now a thing of the past for our customers.

With the addition of the Apollo gauge, they can now monitor the oil level from the comfort of their home. A tank-mounted transmitter ultrasonically monitors the oil level and transmits the data wirelessly to a receiver unit inside the house.

This remote unit simply plugs into a standard 13-amp power socket and automatically displays the information on an easy-to-read LCD display.


The Feedback

“Tanks-UK took the logistical problems in their stride and managed the tank change-over with very little disturbance. Being able to check the oil level inside the house at a glance rather than at the tank is a boon, too.”

D.M., Oxfordshire