See it at Cereals! – Stand 650

Yes, the week has arrived for the UK’s leading event for arable agriculture – 8th to 9th  June 2022.

This is a brief overview of what we are showing on the Tanks-UK stand:


The 9250FS is a diesel storage and dispensing tank, holding 9250 litres (2000 gallons).9250 Litre Bunded Fuel Station, Harlequin Fuel Station, 9250FS

It features:

  • A full 6 metre (1″/25mm diameter) delivery hose with automatic shut-off nozzle
  • Fully lockable dispensing cabinet
  • Lockable 2″ fill point with isolation valve
  • 4″ lockable Inspection port
  • Bulkhead light to aid use in low light conditions
  • 10 micron particulate & water filter to keep the fuel clean
  • An electronic contents gauge and a mechanical flow meter

This tank is available with a choice of pumps including two different flow rates (56 l/min or 72 l/min). Ideal for secure diesel storage and refuelling of agricultural machinery and vehicles.


This dispensing tank is specially designed for agricultural applications. If you’re looking for a good all round dispensing tank for diesel without all the ‘bells and whistles’, this is it.

With a full 5000 litre (1000 gallon) tank combined with the following features, it is ideal for the small to medium agricultural enterprises.

  • 6 metre (1″/25mm diameter) delivery hose with automatic shut-off nozzle
  • Fully lockable dispensing cabinet
  • Lockable 2″ fill point with isolation valve
  • 4″ lockable Inspection port
  • 240V AC, 56 litre/min Piusi Panther pump
  • Bund warning alarm
  • Emergency isolation switch
  • Contents dipstick

Plus it can be easily upgraded by adding such items as an extra length hose, electronic contents gauge, spill kit, 10 micron filter, etc.


This is the dispensing tank to go for if space is limited. As a slimline tank, just 950mm wide, it is designed to fit into narrow spaces (subject to fire regulations) and holds 1300 litres (300 gallons) of fuel. This one is a full specification Fuel Station, like its ‘big brother’ the 9250FS, but it is also available as the lower cost Fuel Point version (1300SLFP)



The Harlequin ORB1200 is a waste oil storage tank. This type of tank is specially designed to store waste oil until it can be collected for recycling or hazardous material disposal. Waste oil tanks have wide tundish inlets fitted with strainers to take out any solid contaminants. This is the very latest, new and improved design, 1200 litre (260 gallon) capacity tank.


The Harlequin Diamond tanks are a high quality, economically priced basic range. This model is the Super Slimline oil tank holding a full 1000 litres (220 gallons), but only 640mmDiamond 1000 Litre Bunded Super Slimline Oil Tank, 1000SSL, 1000L Harlequin Diamond Tank, 220 Gallons Super Slimline Tank wide. Even as a basic no-nonsense version it does come complete with:

  • 32mm drilled and plugged gauge hole
  • 2″ fill point
  • Contents dipstick
  • 4″ lockable inspection point
  • 16″ lockable access lid
  • 1″ BSP female outlet connection
  • Vent

But the really good news is that we supply the Apollo Standard Gauge free with this tank and that also gives you a tank-mounted transmitter unit and a remote receiver unit which provides an oil level indicator with a low level warning light. This is obviously an added security feature for a heating oil tank.


Harlequin’s Hydroclear range of sewage treatment plants starts with the HC6 which is suitable for domestic/small commercial use for up to 6 people. This display version is a cutaway model so you can see how this system works. The range covers applications up to 50 people which would be suitable for small hotels, remote industrial units or to serve several houses (e.g. holiday cottages) on the same site.


2500 Litre Harlequin Adblue Tank, 2500 Litre Bunded AdBlue® Dispenser, AdBlue Dispensing Tanks, Industrial Bunded Tanks

Don’t forget the AdBlue® !  To go with the diesel dispensers, we are also showing the 2500 litre (500 gallon) ‘Blue Station’ AdBlue® dispenser, which is a distinctive blue tank so it can be quickly identified. Like the fuel stations it comes with hose and auto shut-off nozzle – but these are specially designed for use with AdBlue®. It also has a mechanical flowmeter, a bulkhead light and various other features similar to the fuel stations.


1200 Litre Bowser with Watering pump

We are showcasing this as an example of our bowser range. The 1200 litre (260 gallon) water bowser, trailer mounted, is equipped with a pump and hose kit, for horticultural watering applications. There are obviously many other uses for bowsers but this one will give you an idea of their robust design and versatility.

Plastic in Steel

This is the new Tungsten Tanks product for extra fuel security. It features a 1250 litre plastic tank totally enclosed within a 1200mm square steel tank with secure lockable cabinet door. It was featured in an earlier post when we first rolled it out – see it here.

Better still, see the real thing at Cereals 2022 on our stand.

Water Butts with a difference!

Come and see this interesting range of water butts in disguise.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.