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EU-manufactured products – stocked in the UK for immediate despatch

Cemo have for many years been providing innovative solutions for fuel and chemical storage and dispensing applications. Tanks-UK are CEMO distributors, bringing you a range of products for industrial, commercial or agricultural uses.

IBC Spill Bunds

The Intermediate Bulk Container, better known as an IBC, is designed as a standard transport tank for various liquids. However, in many cases, once delivered to site these are used for immediate dispensing without transferring to another tank. If they are used for this purpose, they will need a bund in case of damage causing a spill, especially where hazardous liquids are involved. Cemo manufacture specifically designed Polyethylene bunds for this purpose, with 1100 litre capacity. There are two configurations available – one for a single IBC and one which can take two IBC’s side by side.

Another similar product from Cemo is the pallet bund, or sump pallet. This would be suitable to prevent spills from drums of hazardous liquids, for instance, and is a must for safety where hazardous chemicals need to be kept stored in small quantities on pallets. These consist of a plastic bund with a metal grille on top onto which the containers are placed.

Diesel Cube dispensers


The Cemo Cube tanks are a very neat compact bunded plastic tank designed specifically as a fuel dispenser. There is an indoor version with no lid, but the outdoor versions have a strong, lockable lid to cover the dispensing equipment. They are available for quick delivery in 1500 litre or 2500 litre sizes. They are supplied complete with all you need – pump, hose, nozzle, contents gauge, optical bund alarm, overfill sensor, etc.

AdBlue® Portable dispensers

Blue-Mobile Easy 125L

Cemo’s Blue-Mobile dispensers are available in a range of sizes specially designed to be fully portable. They operate via a battery connection (12 or 24 volt options). Supplied complete with automatic nozzle and hose, they are an ideal option for topping up AdBlue® tanks on construction sites, transport depots or farms. The 125 litre and 200 litre sizes are stocked in the UK. Other sizes available to order.

Lubricant, oil and transfer trolleys

How about oils such as lubricants or heating oil? Enter the Transfer Trolley. This is a neat idea to transfer lubricant oil directly to where it is needed, saving the risks of manual handling. The transfer trolleys are moulded complete with handles and are fitted with 4 wheels and brakes for stability. A great idea for garages and transport depots. Take a look at our earlier blog post for the case study featuring a custom solution which was based on the transfer trolley, but adapted to the customer’s exact requirements.

There is also a different design of trolley with two large wheels and integral moulded handles, intended for diesel or oil. This would be a good solution for refuelling and topping up of site plant and other oil-fuelled equipment including oil-fired site heaters.

DT-mobile Easy 440L


When you need to transport fuel around a site, you need a portable dispensing tank which can be mounted in the back of a pick-up truck or similar vehicle. Here’s another product which is designed for safe, secure, portable dispensing of diesel around farms, estates or construction sites, for example. Several different capacity sizes are stocked in the UK, starting with the compact 210 litre size, up to 600 litre. The one shown here is the 440 litre.

An interesting case study we had was a customer who needed to get fuel to any area over rough terrain and mounted their DT-Mobile Easy tank into the back of a caterpillar-tracked ‘Argocat’ vehicle. This in turn could be transported to site on a trailer – problem sorted.

KS-Mobile and EX0 Fuel trolleys


KS-Mobile easy 190L electric pump with lid

What about petrol, which is volatile, classified highly flammable and can even be explosive?

The KS-Mobile Easy portable petrol tanks have a patented flame suppressant filling as well as being anti-static. This type of portable tank, with ADR approval, can be used to transport petrol around a site for petrol-fuelled plant and vehicle refuelling. An ideal solution for landscapers who use petrol-fuelled gardening equipment.

If you need a smaller, manually movable dispenser, a safe solution for petrol is the EX0 95 fuel trolley with features to prevent fire and explosion. It is made from electrically conductive PE to eliminate static, and fitted with flashback arrester. Approved for use under ADR regulations for single site refuelling, i.e. within a site, not for road transport.

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