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Focusing on Kerosene (Heating Oil) Tanks

Kerosene (often known as heating oil) storage tanks are available in a huge range of sizes and configurations. Whatever the size of the tank, it must meet all relevant regulations for oil storage. For domestic installations the OFTEC regulations will apply, and all installations must be by OFTEC registered engineers. For commercial installations, for instance on […]

Fuel dispensing – Diesel

Looking at supplying the needs of farms, transport depots, construction sites or company vehicle fleets there are a number of options for dispensing tanks. What they all have in common, as dispensing tanks for diesel fuel, is that they have a pump, hose, and nozzle, in a lockable cabinet of some type. From then on, […]

Providing solutions quickly from our Tungsten Tanks stocked range

The Tungsten Tanks brand initially specialised in steel tanks, but has expanded more recently to cover plastic tanks, bowsers of all types and the innovative Plastic in Steel high-security tanks. Here we describe some more of the products we have in stock. Pressure Washer Bowsers The Tungsten Pressure washer bowsers are water bowsers fitted with […]

Large Steel Dispensing Tanks

Large steel fuel dispensing tanks from Tungsten Tanks. There are plenty of situations when only a steel tank will do. Steel tanks are better suited to the larger capacities required where there is a fleet of vehicles to be refuelled. Another advantage of choosing steel tanks is that they can be manufactured in bespoke sizes […]

Portable skid-mounted bowsers and cube tanks

Sometimes a bowser doesn’t have wheels… If you need to move fuel and/or AdBlue® around a site for refuelling; or you need a portable source of water, it is often more convenient to have a tank on the back of your vehicle rather than towing a bowser. There’s a wide range of different versions available […]