Above Ground Plastic Tanks – and their uses

This popular range of rotationally moulded vertical tanks are manufactured in several different varieties for differing uses. Potable and Non-Potable water – why have different tanks? Potable water, in short, is drinking water.  Potable water tanks are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, and therefore to prevent deterioration of the water quality, they need […]

When an ‘off the shelf’ Plastic Tank isn’t quite the solution

There are many shapes and sizes of standard plastic tanks, particularly water tanks. But sometimes they might not be quite what you need. Bespoke tanks can be fabricated in special sizes or configurations, using plastic welding processes. However, there is such a large range of standard plastic tanks that often you may only need adaptations […]

Focusing on Underground Water Tanks

Potable or Non-Potable water – when you might need an underground tank Underground potable water tanks Where a domestic, or indeed commercial, property has a private borehole, a storage tank may be required for the water. If this has been tested and approved as potable water then it should only need a suitable tank with […]

Focusing on Plastic Water Tanks

Potable and Non-Potable water – why have different tanks? Firstly, what do the terms mean?   Potable water, in short, is drinking water.  Non-potable water generally would be rainwater or other untreated water – used for cleaning, irrigation or possibly livestock drinking water, but not safe for human consumption or personal hygiene. Potable water tanks are […]

Water tanks for bulk storage

Bulk storage water tanks could be required for a number of purposes and the requirements will often be very specific to the user. Considering the different uses for bulk water storage, and what is most appropriate in the circumstances, is where Tanks-UK can help. Firstly, we need to ascertain what type of water needs to […]

Adaptations and customisations

Adapted and customised tanks – you’ve probably seen our huge range of plastic tanks, but did you know we can adapt them to your needs? For instance, the AdBlue™ dispensing tanks and diesel fuel points. Since these are both consumables, you probably need to monitor usage, per week, per vehicle, per user, etc. This is […]

Flaming June? we hope not . . .

MAKE SURE YOUR TANK IS UP TO DATE AND SAFE We sell both steel and plastic oil tanks. Tanks-UK have years of experience to help you find just what you are looking for: safe and legal tanks to store you heating oil.  For peace of mind phone 01953 889231 for advice on the best way […]


As from the 1st of June, the price of plastic is set to go up. This means that prices in general will be rising, including the price of plastic tanks. Orders that are placed before the first, will be honoured at the existing prices. Take a look at our website for current prices, preferably this […]

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