Focusing on Wastewater: Pump Stations

In this post, we take a look at wastewater pump stations: what they are, why they are needed and where they are typically used. What is a wastewater pump station and what does it do? A pump station in its simplest form is the combination of a holding tank and a pump system, used to […]

Focusing on water saving – Rainwater harvesting

One of the best known, and in fact the oldest type of water saving, is rainwater harvesting. For hundreds of years people have collected rainwater off roofs and stored it in some form of container to re-use. Not only is this environmentally a good idea, but it also saves money on mains water supply costs. […]

Focus on GRP tanks and custom solutions

Glass reinforced plastic tanks Glass reinforced plastic, commonly known as GRP, is just that – an immensely durable material in which glass fibres are permanently bonded into a plastic resin substrate to strengthen the plastic. These tanks are suitable for anything from chemical storage to potable (drinking) water. The added bonus is that they can […]

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