Take advantage of the low fuel prices, buy oil now.

3500ITE, 3,500 Litre Bunded Horizontal Oil Tank, Harlequin, Plastic Bulk Oil Storage Tank, Domestic, Commercial

Do you need a bigger tank – the oil prices are at a low just now . .

Summer is traditionally the time of year that you can get bargain prices for your heating oil.   Best time to get a bulk load in ready for after the summer, and winter sets in again (although we don’t really want to mention that yet!).  Is your tank a bit small – never seem to be able to get the amount of oil to obtain those good low fuel prices?  The picture above is of a 3500 Bunded Oil Tank.  A good buy for the larger delivery of oil.

Harlequin 1300 Litre Bunded Oil Tank, 1300L Bunded Slimline Oil Tank,
Harlequin 1300 Litre Bunded Oil Tank



This 1300 litre tank will fit in a delivery of 1000 litres with ease.  If you don’t have the room for a huge tank, a 1300 litre will still hold enough for a few months.





2700 Litre ITE Bunded Horizontal Oil Tank, 2700L Harlequin Bunded Oil Tank,
Harlequin 2700 litre bunded oil tank



Why not go for a 2700 litre tank, and the bulk delivery will come not so often.  Guarantees good prices for a bigger delivery, with the low fuel prices as they are.