Trolley tanks and Bowsers

Adapted trolley for train coolant

Providing solutions by adaptation

Ever thought about how trains are serviced?

Well, neither had we until we were approached by a train servicing company. They were looking for a custom solution for replacing coolant in trains. We were able to supply exactly what they needed at an economical price, by making a few adaptations from a standard dispensing trolley. The customer was after a light and ergonomic solution, with 100L capacity. The trolleys were upgraded with larger castors to facilitate uneven surfaces and rail gaps in the workshop. The dispensing system was also changed to suit the application with an ergonomic high-flow trigger nozzle and a quick release system was fitted for the hose.

Coolant trolley Skyler #1Coolant trolley Skyler #2Coolant trolley Stadley#3

This neat trolley comes with the new 18V interchangeable battery system which is the same type as used with most power tools. This means a reduction of downtime as you can use the same batteries and chargers as your drill!

2000L Highway tow watering bowserWater Bowsers

Another type of bowser is a watering bowser. These are often used in horticulture or arboriculture for plant watering – nurseries, local councils (parks and gardens), orchards etc. There are various adaptations which can be made to this type of bowser to suit whatever your needs may be, for example different pumps, nozzles, etc. They can be supplied with battery operated or petrol driven pumps.

1000L animal feeder bowser

Pressure washer units can also be supplied on water bowsers.

Livestock water bowsers are used in agriculture to provide water supplies in the fields. These are similar to the standard water bowsers but have a drinking trough fitted at the back.

Fuel BowsersFuel bowser special colours

Fuel bowsers are another product we can adapt to your specifications. As standard there is a large range of site tow or highway tow bowsers in different designs. They are particularly useful for construction sites, agricultural applications or use in quarries, etc. We can also do similar bowsers for petrol or HVO – these need to be specified as they require upgrades such as ATEX pumps. Bowsers can be adapted to use fuel management systems as well to help you keep control of your fuel usage. We can even supply these fuel bowsers in your corporate colours if required.

Cube tanks

Cube tanks are very adaptable and can be relocated on site, but they can also be trailer mounted for use as bowsers, or as skid-mounted they can be used directly on vehicles such as pick-up trucks. They can also be used for chemicals such as methanol, or for waste oil storage. See our range of cube tanks here.

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