Watering Bowsers

2000L Highway tow watering bowser

Now that the summer season is upon us, watering of plants becomes an essential task.

Wherever plants are grown, they will need water in dry weather. Watering bowsers are used wherever it isn’t possible to use mains fed sprinklers or sprayers. Therefore the variety of options for watering bowsers includes small gravity feed manual trolleys right up to 2000 litre highway tow versions.

110 water bowser green

110 litre Water Bowser Trolleys

These 110 litre water bowser trolleys are suitable for large domestic gardens where it isn’t practical to use a mains supply hose; or for garden centres, small nurseries, etc. Landscape gardeners would also find these useful as they are small enough to transport within a vehicle.

They are available in green or natural, and come with a sturdy handle and 400mm diameter wheels. They have a brass tap at the base, with hosetail  for connecting a garden hose which is then gravity fed from the tank.

Site tow Watering Bowsers

Site tow bowsers are ideal for watering applications in horticulture and arboriculture. This could include nurseries, smallholdings, garden centres, tree nurseries, orchards and vineyards.

Sizes available range from 300 litres up to 3000 litres, and watering versions are supplied complete with pump, hose and hose reel and a watering lance. We can customise these to suit your exact application with different lengths of hose, a choice of pumps and watering lances or nozzles.

Highway tow Watering Bowsers

Moving up a level, this range is intended for road use. These would be suitable for local councils, private estate maintenance, grounds maintenance or landscaping contractors. The sturdy galvanised (or painted) steel frames are fully fitted out with road wheels and mudguards, trailer plates with lights and electrical connections. They are offered with a choice of towing eye or ball hitch depending on your tow vehicle connection.

There is also an option for an access cage which enables watering of elevated displays such as hanging baskets on lampposts

Skid mounted Bowsers

Skid mounted bowser versions are designed to fit into the back of trucks, rather than being towed behind. They can also be fitted out as watering bowsers with pumps, hoses and watering lances.

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