‘Weather Bomb’ Hits UK: Oil Tank Maintenance Tips

An image showing the extreme weather hitting the UK

With high winds and heavy rain covering the UK, heating oil users are warned to look after their tanks. The current weather can have a number of nasty consequences: Tanks can become dislodged by flooding or high winds. This can potentially lead to an oil spill and in a flooded area the oil will be dispersed farther afield leading to even greater levels of pollution.
In light of the recent heavy downpours experienced in large parts of the UK & Ireland, it is also much easier for water to seep into your tank – particularly if there is an existing crack which can be causd by a change in climate. This can result in low quality oil, corrosion of pipes, freezing of water in pipes/ heating systems and boiler damage – the cost of repairs to a heating system is the last thing on most homeowners’ Christmas budgets.
You can, however, avoid such incidents by trying to take the following preventative measures:

  • OFTEC advises that you have your oil tank serviced once a year by a professional: You can find an OFTEC registered technician in your area, on their website.
  • Ensure that your oil tank sits on a secure base, particularly if is running low on oil, making it lighter and more susceptible to the elements.
  • If you are unsure as to whether there is water in your tank, you can purchase a Cim-Tek tank dryer, which will remove any water from the source.
  • Ensure you have an oil tank lock in order to prevent the wind blowing open the cover. This can lead to unwanted water entering the tank or bund area.
  • Ensure you are vigilant in checking that your tank is in good condition i.e. there are no bulges, cracks and more importantly no signs of a leak.
  • If you are having your tank refilled in heavy rain, speak to your delivery driver to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to avoid water ingress.
  • Check the batteries on your oil gauge so you can be alerted quickly in the event of a leak.
  • If possible, invest in a bunded oil tank as in the event of a leak you have further protection due to its double skin.
An image showing the extreme weather hitting the UK
A look at the extreme weather hitting the UK