You may soon pay more for your heating oil.


You may soon pay more for oil for your heating system.

OPEC’s decision to cut oil production may well lead to a rise in oil prices. At the moment, the oil prices have not been affected and still remaining lower than average.  So, therefore, what is more sensible than to top up your tank for less than you might do later?

Save on your heating oil today.

Have you got a big enough tank to make the most of the dips in oil prices?  The picture above is of the common 1000L heating oil tank by Harlequin.  This one of the smaller ones, and our sizes go up to 10,000L! Although for the domestic market, most take advantage of the 2,500 litre or the 3,500 litre bunded oil tanks.


This tank holds a good 3,500 litres when full.  You can take advantage of a big fill up ready for the winter months when oil is more expensive.