Vehicle fleet owners are being urged to stay up to date with developments surrounding the pending Euro 6 emission standards, which will mean that many vehicles will require more regular topping up with AdBlue.

Some Euro 6 compliant vehicles will require a top up every 3000 miles. A failure to top up frequently enough will result in the vehicle going into ‘limp home’ mode or failing to start at all.

AdBlue is an aqueous urea solution used to treat exhaust emissions.It requires specialist maintenance, storage, handling and knowledge. The use of AdBlue in commercial fleets is becoming commonplace in the UK and mainland Europe. More recently, China has introduced stringent adblue regulations surrounding vehicle emissions, which are likely to result in a sharp rise in the use of AdBlue in the country.

Fleet vehicle owners must be knowledgable on the acquisition processes for Euro-6 compliant vehicles, their maintenance requirements and the frequency of fill requirements. As more and more vehicles adopt the use of AdBlue and SCR technology, breakdown assistance providers are gearing up for a rise in call-outs as more Euro-6 compliant vehicles travel throughout Europe.

Tanks-UK are advising all AdBlue customers to maintain awareness of pending changes to AdBlue regulations. We welcome customers to contact us for up to date information and advice.

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