With increasing pressure and changing regulations around diesel emissions in the EU, motorists and fleet managers are more concerned than ever about how they can lower diesel emissions.

Here are 5 easy steps you can take as a motorist or a fleet manager, to reduce vehicle diesel emissions on a daily basis:

1) Don’t accelerate unnecessarily
2) Turn your engine off if you are stationary for more than one minute
3) Stick to the speed limits, especially on the motorway
4) Check your car’s levels of urea (ammonia used to trap NOx)
5) Be very careful buying any retrofit solutions – none are fit for purpose according to Transport & Environment

While we search for new technological advances that can help us reduce emissions, we often neglect to focus on the smaller, day-to-day steps we can take to make smaller, but long term changes.

In addition to the 5 steps outlined above, it is also advisable for diesel vehicles to incorporate diesel particulate filters and the use of AdBlue where possible. Many newer vehicles will have both features as standard. AdBlue storage tanks are available to buy from Tanks-UK Ltd, as are diesel particulate filters, for use in storing bulk fuel.

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