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3500 Blue Station…

Harlequin have launched a new 3500L Blue Station:

This size tank has been introduced to the market for intermediate users of AdBlue as it fills the gap between 2500L and 5000L, and makes it more flexible for users to purchase AdBlue.

The tanks are manufactured from inert materials to ensure no reaction takes place with AdBlue.  This is to ensure that no salts form within the AdBlue.  The material is made from non-corrosive medium density polyethylene ensuring that the tank will never corrode.

The tanks are designed to protect the surrounding environment – they are bunded to prevent pollution if the internal tank was ever to leak.

The tanks are designed with easy access doors and lids allowing easy access and a secure locking system.

Blue stations come with contents monitoring gauges to allow easy monitoring of AdBlue levels in the tanks.

It is important that AdBlue is stored correctly as it can be very contagious and liable to contamination.  – as well as being safer and cleaner than purchasing AdBlue in cans, drums and IBCs, the bulk storage of AdBlue can allow you to significantly reduce your costbase.

All Harlequin AdBlue tanks comply with AUS32/DEF guidleines.

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