HeatStream Hot Water Tanks are probably the most innovative development in the plumbing world yet!

This is a pioneering advancement in hot water storage, the Harlequin HeatStream range was created from a collaboration of industry expertise in both the rotational moulding of plastic tanks, and pressurised hot water storage systems. With these two forces we bring to you a hot water system giving results similar to that of a typical un-vented hot water cylinder, but superior in every way, the advantages of mains pressure or boost pump fed high pressure water supply without the disadvantage of large quantities of heated water stored under pressure.  The unique coil that forms the essential core to this unit ensures that you have an instant heat source whilst minimising the lag of more conventional set ups.

Available in direct, indirect, and twin coil formats, with 3 different flow rates of 150, 200 and 250 litres per minute, there will surely be one for every application!

We carry these products in stock in England, ready for a speedy delivery to site.

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