We are pleased to let you know that we’ve added the DAB Divertron Pumps to our range!

No doubt the key feature of the Divertron pumps is their versatility and reliability.

These pumps are a multistage submersible pressure booster pump for clean water systems which are free from solids and abrasives, therefore ideal for applications such as wells, bore holes, deep tanks, irrigation systems, and rain storage tanks where no floating intake is required.  They are available with 3 or 4 impellers.

Easy-to-use and install, the pump’s integrated electronics automatically starts and stops the pump, with a stainless steel inlet filter included on the pump body.  They come complete with a built-in control circuit board, pressure switch, flow sensor, and non-return valve.  The motor is IP68 rated (dust tight, and protected from continuous submersion), positioned in the top of the pump and cooled by the pumped liquid, so the motor cooling is highly efficient, and allows the pump to also function while only partially submerged.

Product features:

We are very impressed with the power and reliability of these pumps. The dry-run protection means that if the water in the tank runs out, then the pump will stop in less than a minute. A stainless steel connection fitting is supplied for use with a suction kit, which is particularly useful for when there is likely to be any debris on the bottom of the tank.

Please get in touch with your requirements today!  Call us on 01953 889231 or email info@tanks-uk.com

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