Case Study: 1400L Slimline Bunded Diamond Tank installation, Herefordshire.

Project Brief: Tanks-UK were asked to replace a 2000 litre steel single skin tank 2ft wide x 8ft long x 7ft high. Due to the space constraints we recommended a Harlequin 1400 litre super slimline bunded Diamond tank.

Main Project Requirements: 

Product Used: Harlequin 1400 Litre SSL Diamond Tank  

Harlequin, Diamond Tanks

Replacement of single skin steel tank, Installation of 1400SSL Diamond Tank  Replacement of single skin steel tank, Installation of 1400SSL Diamond Tank  1400SSL, Installation of 1400L Harlequin Diamond Tank, Tank Replacement Project Herefordshire

Project Outcome:  

The tank we were commissioned to replace was a single skin steel tank; we advised a polyethylene bunded tank for its robust qualities and longevity.  Once we had removed the existing tank we installed new concrete boards on the original brick based pillars for the tank to be situated on.  A big factor with this project was the space constraints as the existing tank was very tall and narrow. Hence the 1,400 litre Harlequin super slimline diamond tank was such a good product to offer and fitted the bill perfectly! The project ran smoothly, and we were able to complete within a morning.

These Harlequin 1400 super slimline bunded Diamond tanks are part of the **Double Diamond Offer** during November and December 2018

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