SNOW ALERT – temperatures across Britain set to PLUMMET this week

There is snow, ice & strong winds expected to hit the UK towards the end of the week, according to MET Office Weather Reports.

Immediately this sets us thinking – how can we stay warm? How much heating oil do we have left? Have we checked our heating oil tank? Is it safe and secure? How long will my oil last?

It is important that you check your levels of your heating oil tank, not only to ensure getting a better price before demand rises, but also to avoid the level getting too low and any sludge being introduced into your heating system.

We recommend installing a flowmeter or gauge for monitoring your oil level. Especially as you may need a top up sooner than you think in the cold weather.

Another essential point is to check your tank for any damage. If this is left unattended to can result in further remedial expenses to your heating system.

Bolierjuice advises:

“If cracks are above the level of oil in your tank, get your tank replaced before it’s refilled and if they are open cracks cover them over with something such as a tarpaulin to stop water from getting into your fuel.”

Read more on this topic in a previous blog about preparing your oil tank for winter.

How about the ICE…?

Safeguard against icy weather, trips and falls by storing some salt in one of our durable grit or salt bins.

We have varying sizes in stock, to suit either commercial or domestic applications.

SB3, Salt Bin, Grit Bin, Harlequin Offers, in stock, 700kg capacity
Salt / Grit Bin

If you are looking for a fuel storage tank replacement, any associated tank accessories, including pipes & fittings, or salt bins please get in touch with us.

Phone 01953 665941, email info@tanks-uk.com or visit www.tanks-uk.com : we will be happy to help you!

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