We are promoting the QuickStop valve which has been designed as a replacement to the conventional ballcock valve often found in water tanks to protect booster pumps. 

QuickStop Valve

The QuickStop operates by going instantly from fully open to fully closed. This, therefore, prevents repeated stop/start cycling of pumps when filling tanks or cisterns.

This QuickStop valve is ideal for filling tanks with pumped water. Commonly used in domestic water tanks and toilet cisterns.  Often fitted in roof tanks and header tanks instead of the usual ballcock and float valve.  It is ideal connected to automatic pumps as it prevents weeping.

This adjustable version has an arm that is easily altered by both length, and mounting angle, to set where the float sits relative to the regulator. Setting these two points allows for exact control of when the regulator is opened or closed by the movement of the float.  That is, being adjustable, it allows precise water level maintenance, i.e. below the overflow.

If you want a new shut off valve for your tank, think “QuickStop”.

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