Yes, £150 is what we have taken off this useful size 1225 ITE bunded oil tank.

This bunded oil tank is a snip just now.  Not only is it on offer, ready to fit in view of the colder months (although we don’t like to think of that yet).  But also, the oil is on a good price at the moment.  So if you purchase a 1225 ITE bunded oil tank during July or August, the fill up of oil should also leave you in pocket!

Yes, this tank is only £999 instead of £1,149 usual price.  Ideal for a domestic property.  Please phone us on 01953 889231 if you require assistance in this purchase.

What is not to lose? Cheap tank, during July and August 2019, and cheap oil.   Be ready for those winter months somewhere in the far future.


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