Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme


This scheme is currently being rolled out and needs to be submitted by midday on the 3rd September.  What you can claim on a grant is:

You can claim several thousands of pounds worth of good equipment: tanks, diesel bowsers, pipe lines, liquid storage and much more.

What could be better than obtaining a rain water harvesting system, or the much needed agricultural storage tank and claiming your money back on this well worthwhile scheme?

Open Top Cone Tanks, 2000 litre, 60 degree, Enduramaxx


These open top cone tanks are ideal for the agricultural sector.  Grain, fertilisers, feed – all easily dispensed at the base of the cone.  

Items like this are a boon to the farming world.



Now Rainwater Harvesting.  These non-potable water collection tanks are ideal for rainwater off the roofs of the barns.  

When it comes to the dry summer months, that water is precious.  Watering animals, mixing fertilisers,  all on tap.

8500 Litre Water Tank Non Potable, 8500L Enduramaxx Vertical Non-Potable Water Tank, 172118
8000 Litre Water Tank Non Potable Enduramaxx
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