If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of them.

In each of this series of weekly blog posts, we select one product from the DAB range and explain its pump’s features, with links to a glossary where you can find more commonly-used technical terms simply explained.

At the lower end of the DAB range we have the…

Diver 6 Pump

The Diver 6 is our most basic submersible pump, which means it’s a sealed unit that is immersed in the tank or reservoir.

The Diver 6 is a multistage pump featuring 3 or 4 impellers, depending on the model. An impeller is a rotating component with vanes that compress the water to increase its pressure; multiple impellers will progressively increase the pressure rather than in one stage.

It is controlled by a start-stop floating switch. A floating ball attached to a switch by an adjustable-length cable automatically starts the pump when the water level reaches its maximum depth in the pump chamber, and stops it when the water drops to the minimum level.

If the water pressure in a pumping system exceeds that of the main supply, backflow can cause contamination of the main supply. The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) stipulates mandatory standards for all equipment used in, or in contact with, drinking water supply.

As with all water pumps from Tanks-UK, the Diver 6 is filled with a non-return valve to comply with WRAS certification.

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